I’m nearly 60 now. 4/20/2020; 2 minutes to read; D; M; s; m; In this article Syntax Date.FromText(text as nullable text, optional culture as nullable text) as nullable date About. But the US date format is absolutely senseless (sorry guys, I love America but please go metric asap!). I have seen this on many paintings/drawings in museums, and here’s a passage from the Roman numeral entry in wikipedia, “In Central Europe, Italy, Russia, and in Bulgarian, Croatian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Serbian languages, mixed Roman and Arabic numerals are used to record dates (usually on tombstones, but also elsewhere, such as in formal letters and official documents). Since you’re an academic, Mr. Yagoda, I’m kind of surprised your entry on date formats fails to note that historians who write in English, regardless of nation, have been using the 12 April 2012 format for quite some time. Simplest solution would be for us all to stick with the versions that involve logical progresssions, ie day month year or year month day. However, if you want to use a different format for the date, such as using periods instead of slashes (3.23.16), that’s easy to change in Windows’ settings. WHAT has religion to do with dates?! Systematic use of the 24-hour clock by German radio and TV announcers, along with the proliferation of digital clocks, may have been a significant factor in this development. When pasted, they looked the same (dd/mm/yyyy) and the formatting for the filled cells was "General." As a Brit living in the US, it took me a while to get used to giving my birthdate in the US form. Bendrix: Sam’s point, I believe, is that it’s more logical to go from smallest to largest — or, I would add, from largest to smallest, as per ISO 8601 — than it is to go both backwards and forwards as does the conventional US date style, which if followed for clock times would render your example of “the 12th second of the third minute of the fifth hour” as 03:12:05. In Germany, it is not uncommon in casual speech to use numbers to refer to months, rather than their names (e.g. I’ve seen yyyyy-mm-dd used in in South Africa – the stamps in my passport were in that format. What point are you trying to make, Rizzo? This parameter is optional. But when giving the date in full, you can just as easily say July 4th 2012 as 4th July 2012, without its sounding in the slightest unnatural or affected. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon. By the leftmost(first) character of course! That we aren’t I don’t take to be a sign of some failing on the part of one nation or another. 2. Just realised I read sword hand origin HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But when I’ve already got data that is in the US format EG: 6/12/2019 and want to change it to 12/06/2019 there seems no way. November"). I’ve just been reading through the above for the first time. I suspect it’s the influence of the Department of Defense. However, others hang on to old habits. Also, I’ve noticed that when spoken, oftentimes news presenters will say a date in US format when referring to iconic date. In the early 19th century, those countries occupied by or allied to Napoleon – the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain – adopted right-hand traffic. If you want to switch to a different regional or national date format (European or a specific European country, for example), you need to change your region in Control Panel. 2.Another column has date in DD/MM/YYYY (27/08/2016) format but PowerBI is reading it as Text. I have some French colleagues who insert a comma between the day and month in European format, but not sure if that’s a personal quirk or a continental rule. Fulltext search . Caesar? today is 20 IV ’12. If you’re wondering how we format currency in Europe, or how we format large numbers or numbers with decimals, here are some examples: Most European countries (as well many other countries in the world): 300.000 or 300 000 means three hundred thousand The traditional representation with a dot remains in widespread use, however, and in this format leading zeros are generally omitted from the hours; additionally, the literal string "Uhr" is frequently added – e.g. (BTW my use of suspension points in e-writing derives from Whitman’s 1855 preface. Because this is 2016 and everything is computerized now. By default, Windows formats dates with slashes (3/23/16). Big OOps in Canada….. You can also change the format of the time. Remember, this is 2016. The American and European methods are both brain dead. And now let’s discuss metric vs imperial and why the Brits drive on the wrong side of the road…. “, Maybe it’s because the members of Congress on 4th July 1776 were British at the time? In VBA Format Date function you have the option to either define your own format or use some of the MS Excel predefined format. … January 1st; ask someone his birthday and he’ll say month-day-year. Except for Austria, Germany and Switzerland, see the navigation box on the bottom to find individual articles per country. I told him in kilos “How much is that in old money?” he asked. Like it’s the 35 minute with 12 seconds at 2 o’clock! In my opinion, the U.K./European way looks cooler than the U.S. style; it also avoids having to use commas and decide whether to write 9 or 9th. Excel VBA Format Date. Over time, I have come to favour the IBM date format standards used on the iSeries computers where the format code specifies both the order of fields and the delimiter: They got rid of shilling, fathoms and bushels already. True?). Applying logic in encoding data nurtures critical intelligence. Fortunately, converting the date format dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy is simple. 2012-09-04 is not ambiguous because there are no official standards that say YYYY-DD-MM. European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization, http://wwwu.hak-vk.at/sal/aenderungen_2007.doc, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Date_and_time_notation_in_Europe&oldid=986156857, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2017, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, “zwei Uhr/zwei/um zwei” (two o’clock), “viertel nach zwei” (quarter past two), “zwanzig nach zwei” (twenty past two) / “zehn vor halb drei” (ten to half three), “fünf vor halb drei” (five to half three), “fünf nach halb drei” (five past half three), “zwanzig vor drei” (twenty to three) / “zehn nach halb drei” (ten past half three), “viertel vor/auf drei” (quarter to three), "drei Uhr/drei/um drei" (three o’clock), This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 03:52. To Quieter Elephant Now when you browse the folder everything is in chronological order making that one pic you are looking for easy to find. The most significant digits come first, not last! 14:51 or 14.51. If you write YYYY-MM-DD, that’s ok and ISO standard… I work in Treasury services and the differing date formats are a total pain in the bum. Try the Indian numerical system. There are so many things that our conservative party refuses to consider to change. Days and Hours are more critical than Years and Seconds. So AMERICAN disaster of 911 would be written as 11/9/2001 or 11th September,2011 or even September 11th,2001. As with many things, Canada goes with the flow. In Continental Europe, driving on the right is associated with France and Napoleon Bonaparte. As a mathematician, I presonally prefer to write dates like other numbers, i.e., using the ISO ordering cited. Have you also been petitioning Her Majesty’s government for the creation of a British Academy to do away with this kind of “absolutely senseless” spelling? Open a new Internet Explorer browser. The Modern Language Association (MLA) format for academic writing in the humanities specifies that dates be given as day month year; today would be 20 September 2014. (I learned that one quick!) However, leading zeros were allowed according to machine writing standards if they helped aligning dates. So, it is likely that the notation was added simply as a label.'”. *YMD => YY-MM-DD A little later, Napoleon consolidated this position by ordering the military to stay on the right side, even when out of the country, so that everyone who met the French army had to concede the way. If they ping you in February for a March renewal you might suspect the date in the mail doesn’t indicate November. I’ve done it both ways, but by preference use the day/month/year format when there is no risk of confusion; i.e., my personal journal. I THORT Canada followed UK format (dd-mm-yy) and was horrified this evening (11th october) to hear chortling news item on CTV about this date reading 10-11-12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps. And please note (the scientific one above) a period or full stop is NOT a decimal point. I made a personal switch to the metric system when I was at a healthcare organization and all the physicians had to refer to different things as ##cm or ##mm for various sizes of lacerations or abnormal growths that are removed. I do of course know it’s the emergency phone no in the US, whereas we use 999. It is truly logical to write mm/dd/yy for that is the way we say it. : – July the 4th (American Independence Day) They were all taught to date their school work dd/mm/yyyy. In written German, time is expressed almost exclusively in the 24-hour notation (00:00–23:59), using either a colon or a dot on the line as the separators between hours, minutes, and seconds – e.g. Your examples don’t really show anything. Elected in sense of choosing, which they did do knowingly but I’m sure with no thought of date formats. I once asked an English acquaintance and she told me she didn’t know — she only knew how much she weighed in stone. There was even a letter this week to our local rag bemoaning the lack of anything formal…which there is and I believe its the ISO standard yyyy-mm-dd. Change date format in Google Sheets to another locale. The twit wrote the American date format.”. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. Fortunately, there is one solution in the ISO-developed international date format. I only use purely numerical formats when the reader is not North American. Canada uses day/month/year. Also: doesn’t your American domain hosting operation email you when it’s getting time to renew? As a logician, I contend that the information presented is insufficient to prove that Barack Obama did not visit on 24 MAY 2008, as well as in 2011. The American sequence month/date/year is totally illogical. KW" or "Wir erwarten die Lieferung in KW 49". So today would be written as 2012.04.10. Don’t even get me started on the illogic of writing writing a comma to between a whole number and a decimal (or a period/full stop between thousands). The ISO standard uses hyphens, not slashes, to separate yyyy-mm-dd. BTW – the Japanese use yyyy-mm-dd, the only non-technical use I’ve seen. Given that >90% of pre-1900 sword-armed road travellers were right-handed, they passed to the left of each other. European Address Formats; Help and advice. As for driving on which side of the road, remember, please blame Napoleon! As a native I can vouch for this. Even though I live in the US the Euro & ISO formats are more logically organized. Unless of course they’re ambidextrous and routinely commute with a .44 Magnum in the glove compartment? Interesting stuff about Napoleon and unification and I’m sure there was a time when some Canadian provinces drove on the left. STEP 4: Now go to Excel and … Ouch Graeme! Type Example; ISO Date "2015-03-25" (The International Standard) Short Date "03/25/2015" Long Date "Mar 25 2015" or "25 Mar 2015" In 1995 this was changed to the colon in the interest of compatibility with ISO 8601. Trying to spend all day converting one to the other will drive you bonkers. 'Ginger,' 'Bits,' 'Whinge,' and other U.K. expressions that have got popular in the U.S. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I would have to think hard to know what those were was in archaic measures but then I was taught in metric from when I was in my early teens. Select a blank cell that you want to put the converted result at, enter this formula =DATE (VALUE (RIGHT (C2,4)), VALUE (MID (C2,4,2)), VALUE (LEFT (C2,2))), drag fill handle down to apply this … The doctor recently asked me how much I weighed. got them to use 6 april 2015. since it was a logical format and when it was imported to systems could be easily manipulated. The other variant is relative; this one is also used for multiples of five minutes. I’m glad to give an explanation but I’m sure that people will object! Americans understand other Americans, Brits understand other Brits, Nerds and mathematicians understand other nerds and mathematicians. And Americans are not about to switch to the metric system or drive on the other side of the road.