QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT «Rhapsody Tour» Rock (NL) [UITGESTELD - NIEUWE DATUM: 27/05/2021] Door de corona crisis en de maatregelen die in het kader daarvan zijn genomen, ziet de organisator zich verplicht Queen + Adam Lambert, The Rhapsody Tour op woensdag 27 mei 2020 in Sportpaleis Antwerpen te ... Lire la suite .

Ils seront sur les routes du 24 mai au 8 juillet. Queen + Adam Lambert Rhapsody Tour Setlist 2019.

The tour was announced following the success of the biopic film Bohemian Rhapsody. Things kick off July 10th in Vancouver, British Columbia with further stops in Dallas, Phoenix, Toronto, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Nashville, New Orleans, Tampa, and Atlanta. Dubbed the “Rhapsody Tour”, the 23-date trek will bring the Rhapsody rock titans to major markets throughout the US and Canada.

3. 1. Ils seront sur les routes du 24 mai au 8 juillet. 33 songs.

Queen and Adam Lambert have been forced to postpone their European Rhapsody tour due to the coronavirus lockdown. Seven Seas Of Rhye - Remastered 2011 Queen • Queen II (Deluxe Remastered Version) 2:48 0:30. The live shows were scheduled to get under way in Bologna, Italy, on May 24, and wrap up in Madrid, Spain, on July 8 – with the run due to include 10 nights at London’s O2. See the new 2021 dates now. SPORTPALEIS ANTWERPEN - MERKSEM. Queen + Adam Lambert have rescheduled the UK and European leg of their "Rhapsody Tour" due to the pandemic. 2. It all culminates with an August 23rd gig in Charlotte, North Carolina. Keep … QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT THE RHAPSODY TOUR Le groupe de rock le plus influent des années 70 et 80 revient en force, et fait un passage par Paris pour son incontournable « Rhapsody Tour » 2020. The Rhapsody Tour is the ongoing worldwide concert tour by British rock band Queen and American singer Adam Lambert. Queen + Adam Lambert donneront une tournée Européenne pour 2020. Play on Spotify. Les … Du 27/05/2020 … Now I'm Here - Remastered 2011 Queen • Sheer Heart Attack (Deluxe Remastered Version) 4:12 0:30. The North American dates of the tour sold out in April 2019. Innuendo - Remastered 2011 Queen • Innuendo (Deluxe Remastered Version) 6:33 0:30.

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